Ricky Turner is a biracial young man struggling to find his place amid the chaos of late 1960s Harlem. He is constantly fighting racism and gang violence, while mourning the collapse of his own family. Ricky’s only ally is his grandmother, Alice, until he meets an idealistic white college student named Penelope. Their lives are a study in opposites, but the two soon find ways to heal their emotional bruises and attain their dreams. But in a volatile world, can their union last?

Holding On is a tale of faith and love, suffering and redemption. This new musical drama by Neil Klein and Jay Blotcher examines life in an explosive era, when America is at war in Vietnam and with itself. Holding On introduces an unforgettable cast of characters, an exciting score of original songs, and a story that mirrors the adversity of today. Holding On is about the challenges that shape our destinies, the idealism that nurtures our souls, and the importance of finding one’s true self.



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